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Allroad MC Touring

is all about allroad motorcycling especially touring and making the most of it by tuning the bike and gearing up for riding through exciting destinations. Everywhere I go the camera saves the highlights that made my journey worth while. When I spot good gear, I will let you know so that you would get more options and additional perspective. When new things for allroaders come up, I will investigate and report so that you would be up to date and could find everything relevant for allroad touring right here. Allroad touring is my passion and I would like to offer you new ideas, information, tips etc. in order to make your allroading more enjoyable and diverse. So stay tuned.

Allroad touring is fascinating mostly because the dual sport bikes allow to explore remote places with moderate and even poor road connections. Old villages living in their own pace and showing some of the past, makes the ride so much more colorful. Sometimes wonderful mountains, hills, rivers or lakes can not be reached using the tarmac roads. Dual sport bikes simply expand the amount of biker destinations and routing alternatives even through unpopulated areas. With proper tyres allroad motorcycles can handle any type of roads and more extreme adventure models could utilize tracks and trails too. DS motorcycles have more ground clearance, the suspension is designed for uneven surfaces and the wheels are bigger which translates to comfort and ease what ever the road. Allroad bikes have better ergonomics and often there are few more adjustments to generate endurance for long days on the saddle. It`s all about the quality of the ride and less about the speed. At the best, there are no reservations, schedules or even a final route. The more spontaneous the trip the better.

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