An odometer is a device in a car that makes it easier to operate and contributes to a more comfortable movement. The device determines how many wheel revolutions are one kilometer traveled. Accordingly, the odometer allows you to calculate the distance traveled accurately. Odometers are divided into mechanical and electrical — each of them has its peculiarities of functioning.

Today, special calibrating equipment is officially released to adjust the indicators, even for electronic odometers. Such a mileage blocker will help you change the numbers on the odometer — quickly and without traces of interference.

How mechanical odometers work

Mechanical odometers are more than superficial. There is a cable that connects to the output shaft of the gearbox. There is also an automated counter with several, usually five drums, to which the rotation of the line is transmitted through a unique mechanism. The drums are marked with numbers, from which the odometer readings are added.

Odometer readings are used in the following cases:

  • When buying or selling a car. The numbers on the dashboard will tell you about the technical condition of the car's chassis and engine.
  • Fuel consumption. If you reset the readings on the daily odometer and fill up a full tank of gasoline or a full gas cylinder, the driver can accurately determine the car's appetite for 100 km of run.
  • Distance between settlements or any other points.

How a digital odometer works

Digital car odometers work in a pretty simple way. Instead of a magnetic pickup on the wheel, the system uses a cogwheel mounted on the transmission's input shaft and a magnetic pickup that counts pulses every time one of the wheel teeth passes by.

One of the most wonderful things about a car's odometer is how information is provided to the dashboard. Instead of a cable that transmits a signal to the odometer mechanism by twisting, digital information about the distance traveled, along with other data, goes to the dashboard via a communication wire from the engine control unit. A car computer, a local network connected to dozens of devices, can control this information.

Can I calibrate up a digital odometer?

To sum up, it is important to state that each vehicle owner can calibrate the digital odometer without leaving any traces. It is possible because the data stored in the engine control unit will also change. Therefore, there would be no traces of interference. For this, a particular device is used — a mileage blocker. It helps to stop the numbers on the odometer and stop registering them to all memory compartments. However, it is worth using such a device with caution.